Beginners - 5 simple ways I prepare for Photo Workshop and Meetups! - Claremont Village

Beginners - 5 simple ways I prepare for Photo Workshops and Meetups! - Claremont Village

The first step in attending a successful workshop is being prepared. I want to share with you how I prep for events like these. Below are 5 ways I get ready to meet with other photographers, and have a very successful day of shooting!

1. Pack Materials the night before.

Make sure to bring your cameras, accessories, notebooks, and download any software you might need! Pack it all the night before and make sure everything is charged is charged up. Bring extra batteries, you don't want to be running late trying to find everything and realize that you're missing your SD card! 

2. Inspiration

Come with a few ideas in mind, and make sure to save images you find online that inspire you. I put an album together in my phone as a mood board, (a collage of images I can refer back to). Are there new posing or lighting techniques you would like to try? Bring examples with you. Come open minded, and ready to share, and excited to express your ideas. 

3. Snacks and Water

Bring snacks and water and you should be ready for whatever the setting may be. Make sure to eat breakfast first, a grumbling tummy is distracting and no fun. 

4. Come with Questions! 

Prep these beforehand also so you don't forget what they are. There is no question too silly, and if you don't ask, you won't know!

5. Relax and Smile!

Don’t be nervous; everyone is there to learn and get better. Speak up if you need help or don't understand something. These events are a great way to meet some amazing creatives!


Thanks for reading - make sure to check out my photos below from my latest workshop. What's your favorite photography prep tip?


Workshop was hosted by Alyssa Nicole Photography

Models in Frame: Michelle Mejia and Jasmine Medina